If You Don't Wear Your Mask, Don't Talk To Me

Free Random Games iwth Jay from the Kubz Scouts! In this episode, we have another Siren head game, a dope game where you need to rewind time to beat levels and a Papers, Please styled game where you deny entry to anyone without a mask (even if it's tempting to let them through) leave a LIKE for more Free Random Games!
Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:
Song is "The Fires" from the ROfilm free Audio library
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We're here to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously, so any negative comments will be automatically deleted! Thanks for watching!



  1. Adama Fofere

    Adama Fofere

    Acum 4 ore

    I wear my mask

  2. Rosy Lemonade

    Rosy Lemonade

    Acum 9 ore

    Who else vibin to the music in between games

  3. lil._.tinymexican bean

    lil._.tinymexican bean

    Acum 11 ore

    jay: *very calmly* get outta here get outta here me: *scream* GET OUTTA THERE JAY RUUUUUUN

  4. Beachy Flames

    Beachy Flames

    Acum o Zi

    I’m wearing a mask It’s my hands B)

  5. lovely goin

    lovely goin

    Acum o Zi

    Jay:ffrgfthitfdssxd Me:oooooooo he saying I chew wawa

  6. DehvannX Krios

    DehvannX Krios

    Acum 2 Zile

    how tf did siren head even ate that manz head if he was inside that building 7:02

  7. Lhuna Perez

    Lhuna Perez

    Acum 2 Zile

    The more the merrier!

  8. Paul Pearce

    Paul Pearce

    Acum 2 Zile

    Jay:*dying from siren head* Me:I dont understand how he turns into a street light and his name is siren head LIKE BRUH COME ON

  9. Jamya Floyd

    Jamya Floyd

    Acum 2 Zile

    Is it me or I not the only on who have a crush on jay.❤️

  10. Anderson Guzman Marin

    Anderson Guzman Marin

    Acum 3 Zile

    siring head

  11. Jordyn Rose

    Jordyn Rose

    Acum 3 Zile

    Jay here’s some tips for siren head (in this game never played and never watched but what I saw is) 1: You need too stop using your flashlight so much and just walk on the road if you wonder off and hear leaves use it too go back 2: if you hear anything from him stop moving and look for movement go the opposite way and hide in a tree of the truck stay silent and just wait till he leaves 3: Ok so yes siren head can hide as a road light but it’s easy too see him if you see light hide and look up if it’s higher than the pole than if him if not than it’s normal but don’t get comfortable he can hide behind it and in trees so use the flashing for a short time and walk away

  12. marga_editzzz


    Acum 4 Zile

    i weard a mask so i can comment and watch this video

  13. Betsy Green

    Betsy Green

    Acum 6 Zile

    Imagine your running for your life from a hideous monster that doesn’t even look real, then you hear it say *the fitness gram pacer test is a-*

    • SerenaSky


      Acum 4 Zile

      Multistep aerobic fitness tests

  14. Tom Khong

    Tom Khong

    Acum 7 Zile

    17:52 when your robber kills you

  15. toast cat_games420

    toast cat_games420

    Acum 8 Zile

    jay: that was actually a very tough game also jay: *denies people who were following guidelines

  16. Vanessa Green

    Vanessa Green

    Acum 8 Zile

    YoU bEtTeR nOt FoRgEt AbOuT tHe GiRlS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Ashley Juge

    Ashley Juge

    Acum 8 Zile

    Jay:Are siren game head's still in?

  18. -k I m-

    -k I m-

    Acum 8 Zile

    Even tho I'm at home I'm still wearing a mask ;-; Wth-

  19. Danimations


    Acum 8 Zile

    16:41 isnt that dani's game? the one with milk and that stuff lol

  20. Danimations


    Acum 9 Zile

    if siren head doents appear im going to wear a girl student uniform :v

  21. King Toucan

    King Toucan

    Acum 9 Zile

    Thats thumbnail was so convincing I thought he was gonna wear an actual mask for this video.

  22. Coalboss12


    Acum 10 Zile

    bro he played re:run im so proud

  23. Dxrk_ YT

    Dxrk_ YT

    Acum 10 Zile

    Am i the only one who noticed this probably the first time that jay added all the games in the description

  24. Same thing •

    Same thing •

    Acum 10 Zile

    Accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior, he is the only way to heaven

  25. Strawburry Milk

    Strawburry Milk

    Acum 11 Zile

    Huh, I guess I’m scared of the lamp post outside of my house now too

  26. I kin hooni

    I kin hooni

    Acum 11 Zile

    Not me forcing myself to watch the siren headgame even tho I’m terrified

  27. Mimi_ san

    Mimi_ san

    Acum 12 Zile

    But my name is miriam

  28. Ravis the Demon girl

    Ravis the Demon girl

    Acum 12 Zile

    Jay:if you don’t wear a mask don’t talk to me Karen’s:LeT mE sPeAk YoUrE mAnAgEr!

  29. Princess Harmony of Charona

    Princess Harmony of Charona

    Acum 12 Zile

    Siren game head XD hey guys look it's the real Siren Game Head Jay: your moking me aren't you Me: nonononono JAY IT'S SIREN HEAD Jay: Siren Game Head!? (I apologize if I moked you I thought it was going to be funny also jay YOUR *THAT DUDE*

  30. azrul azwan

    azrul azwan

    Acum 12 Zile

    Siren head is scary not cool

  31. Ulgen Bezen

    Ulgen Bezen

    Acum 13 Zile

    i only realized he said 'siren game heads' when he repeated it. LOL quarantine is really affecting me

  32. Courtney Louise

    Courtney Louise

    Acum 16 Zile

    “I’ll hold your mums breath........Wait,that sounds like something a serial killer would say” 👁👄👁

  33. amisha dhiman

    amisha dhiman

    Acum 17 Zile

    No one: Jay: give me your papers r i g h t n o w Also jay: f your grandmother, TELL HER I SAID THAT OK ASHLEY?!???

  34. {{• honey lemon •}}

    {{• honey lemon •}}

    Acum 19 Zile

    **people who wear makeup on masks has entered the chat**

  35. Katrina Young

    Katrina Young

    Acum 23 Zile

    7:04 killed me, Jay looked so proud of his joke when he looked up at the camera

  36. allysa Playz Roblox and Gacha 2

    allysa Playz Roblox and Gacha 2

    Acum 23 Zile

    jay: are siren game heads still in me: hahaahahahhha someone play the hazahahah sound please

  37. Kei Tsukishima

    Kei Tsukishima

    Acum 23 Zile

    I love how Jay's eyes were blood shot open when he started the vid lmao-

  38. Cupcake London

    Cupcake London

    Acum 23 Zile

    Siren Head:*Pretends to be a street light* Light Head: *Am I A Joke To You?!*

  39. ScientificLunaF


    Acum 24 Zile

    I like how Jay had his eyes wide open while doing his intro 🤣

  40. CrEePy BiRdY òvó

    CrEePy BiRdY òvó

    Acum 24 Zile

    Siren head can't see but he hears you walking in the grass stay still so he won't come near

  41. Brandis Tyler

    Brandis Tyler

    Acum 25 Zile

    lol Jay had me rolling with the Siren Head game! Mainly coz he's THAT DUDE!

  42. Mitch Ramos

    Mitch Ramos

    Acum 25 Zile

    "Siren head is so horny!" - Jay 2020

  43. Wolfy Girl - BD

    Wolfy Girl - BD

    Acum 28 Zile

    always wear Your wasks

  44. miriam ask

    miriam ask

    Acum 28 Zile

    My name is miriam omg hehe I swear I always put my mask onnnnn

  45. •Fallen Shark•

    •Fallen Shark•

    Acum 28 Zile

    9:18 I just love how he kept saying "no" while shining the flashlight at siren head 😂 XD

  46. AshleeeyGG


    Acum lună


  47. Katie


    Acum lună

    "Free Random Games iwth Jay from the Kubz Scouts! In this episode, we have another Siren head game and-" Mmm gotta love playing free random games iwth Jay...

  48. Shelisa Turner

    Shelisa Turner

    Acum lună

    you: hold my breath why would i hold my breath?! siren head wakes up* you: uhh... what was that? me: oooooo you in troulble plus make more myth vids :D

  49. Cookie baker

    Cookie baker

    Acum lună

    6:20 Jay sounds like GAARA from Naruto. 😂

  50. Ash The Beagle

    Ash The Beagle

    Acum lună

    This is how I'm not scared of siren head this is for people who fear him just if you think of it he's a pole with sirens!

  51. Peace is for everyone

    Peace is for everyone

    Acum lună

    Hi Robert, I am bob :)

  52. Kotori Minami

    Kotori Minami

    Acum lună

    Play Slendrina or Onii Chan

  53. Tristan Sandiego

    Tristan Sandiego

    Acum lună

    "Free random Games *iwth* Jay"

  54. hellish


    Acum lună

    Jay: I’m sorry I moaned like that guys Also jay: *Replays the clip*

  55. Bonbon360 :3

    Bonbon360 :3

    Acum lună

    I like how doesn't realize that red meant they didn't have covid and green meant they did😅

  56. Kokichi oma ÙwÚ

    Kokichi oma ÙwÚ

    Acum lună

    Title: if you don’t have your mask, don’t talk to me. Me: but I’m under 12. O^O

  57. JakePlayz Nothing I guess

    JakePlayz Nothing I guess

    Acum lună

    Green means that you have COVID, my brain

  58. Nicholas Ziegenbalg

    Nicholas Ziegenbalg

    Acum lună

    jay: "are siren game heads still in?" me :*dies of laughter*

  59. Lexi Young

    Lexi Young

    Acum lună

    When you were saying about how he loves eating heads, he can make a really high pitch sound and it will make your head explode. And, every time he eats a animal or human, he can sound like that thing. So, say he ate you, he would be able to make himself sound like you to lure your friends or family to a secluded place to kill them and take their voice. Btw, you're THAT DUDE. Love ya vids. Been a fan since the start.

  60. hammy ham ham

    hammy ham ham

    Acum lună


  61. ZakkBWyldin


    Acum lună

    I did not expect the second game to be danis gamejam.... Check him out on yt his name is dani and he makes EPIC games

  62. E-girl Jayna

    E-girl Jayna

    Acum lună

    Jay: If you don’t wear a mask, don’t talk to me. Me: Going out to public with a mask on 24/7

  63. HOUSE OF MO Gifts & Souvenirs

    HOUSE OF MO Gifts & Souvenirs

    Acum lună


  64. ステップドッグ꧁ chan ꧂

    ステップドッグ꧁ chan ꧂

    Acum lună

    8 am - 11 pm. Me at 12:04 am: *well I guess it’s closed* “So what’s your talent?” Siren head: *well I can turn into a lamppost*

  65. Winston Lim

    Winston Lim

    Acum lună

    Yo jay u should make a mask with the text'THAT DUDE' Like so that jay might do it 👁👄👁👁👄👁👁👄👁👁👄👁👁👄👁👄👁👄👁👄👁

  66. Yandere simulator lover

    Yandere simulator lover

    Acum lună

    Game 2 reminds me of cluster truck

  67. I'm a waste of space smh

    I'm a waste of space smh

    Acum lună

    The reason why he looked like a street light was that he can dress up as things similar to what he looks like (example: street lights and other tall objects) if you didn't already know siren head is known for imitating sounds and noises so if the news isn't on and you hear a storm broadcast or any type of broadcast it's probably siren head, of all you young whippersnappers no he is not real he is a greek urban legend, the time jay said this is at 3:10

  68. Aisha's Bestie lamo

    Aisha's Bestie lamo

    Acum lună


  69. IND乄EZPZ


    Acum lună

    Dani is the best game programmer

  70. Caatko


    Acum lună

    27, unemployed, gotta get to a party, but my country doesn't require masks because we were lucky enough to get into iso quick enough

  71. Isayama_ Worshipper

    Isayama_ Worshipper

    Acum lună

    Video Title: *If You Don't Wear Your Mark,Don't Talk To Me* Jay in the whole Video: *Didn't Wear Mask* "it's just a joke guys"

  72. kit


    Acum lună

    Its 3 am and the evil laugh part freaked me and i have headphones on so uijust turned the valume down very low

  73. Ducky Damage

    Ducky Damage

    Acum lună

    Billy said you are only getting those keys over my dead body. Jay: grabs keys from dead body

  74. Alisas Dreamworld

    Alisas Dreamworld

    Acum lună

    Did anyone else hear the "Yes *Daddy* " at 16:21?

  75. Satans Demon Children

    Satans Demon Children

    Acum lună

    When will the Karen’s understand the title 😂😂

  76. Leah Garcia

    Leah Garcia

    Acum lună

    Red is no jay 😂😂😂😂

  77. nataleesboba


    Acum lună

    jay be like “oh he’s right there” but i guess i’m john cena cause i ain’t cena thing

  78. The sniper wireman

    The sniper wireman

    Acum lună

    Jay,do a reaction to dani who created re:run

  79. RyanシM416シ


    Acum lună


  80. •• Whxpped_Crexm ••

    •• Whxpped_Crexm ••

    Acum lună

    Title:If u don’t wear ur mask,don’t talk to me. Me:*wears mask* hi Jay! Will u reply now? I mean I already wore my mask

  81. Sania Jonatan

    Sania Jonatan

    Acum lună

    jay:billy damn you billy! karen:your being rude to my son billy me:no one cares XD

  82. Jani Hartford

    Jani Hartford

    Acum lună

    My girls pffff....WAIT I’m a girl UWU 🥺❤️

  83. Lillyana Jennings

    Lillyana Jennings

    Acum lună

    yo everytime you laff i laff at you or when u get scared

  84. RoseMary Angel

    RoseMary Angel

    Acum lună

    I didnt expect Siren head to be in this video, but it made this video 1000 times better in my book

  85. Jenny Avery

    Jenny Avery

    Acum lună

    Hi jay 😷 I'm a dig fan of you but my mom says . he just a young youtuber. -_- . And idc idk how old you are but you look in your 16 or 20 😅 . Me and my sis look at your video's all day long we just love your videos :)

  86. EVD Normality

    EVD Normality

    Acum lună

    When you see dani's games 2 times in the kubz scouts video

  87. Omar The man

    Omar The man

    Acum lună

    Game 2 is made by @dani

  88. Isaac Moore

    Isaac Moore

    Acum lună

    0:52 He read too much manga

  89. Speed Weed

    Speed Weed

    Acum lună

    He is meant to look like a streetlight read up on lore he can also look like trees

    • Speed Weed

      Speed Weed

      Acum lună

      There are 6 siren heads to lol

    • Speed Weed

      Speed Weed

      Acum lună

      No harm meant

  90. Satanic Sabbat

    Satanic Sabbat

    Acum lună

    When that guy that was 21, unemployed and was going to a party came on I went “ Bryce Hall who?”

  91. JustAnotherSwitchUser


    Acum lună

    Getting pinned is hard.

  92. kawii bubble playz

    kawii bubble playz

    Acum lună

    Jay looks like the red ballon i popped ^^

  93. Brianna W.

    Brianna W.

    Acum lună

    Was I the only one who had the mini panic attacks whenever the sirens went off 😂😂

  94. Aliyyah Mesnor

    Aliyyah Mesnor

    Acum lună

    Thumbnail: if you dont wear a mask dont talk to me Me: bish YOU dont talk to ME dip shit

  95. Honeynut.cherrios


    Acum lună

    Did I see a MN mask... ...I respect you greatly now

  96. Nina Wojcik

    Nina Wojcik

    Acum lună

    just saying, wearing a mask doesn't do shit. there is actual proof saying that masks only cause more problems. for example my friend got a sty in his eye because of him wearing a mask..

  97. Moesha Golds

    Moesha Golds

    Acum lună

    The title is exactly what I'm going to say when school reopens for me I'm going back to public school real school not online so pray for me and also your THAT DUDE!!!

  98. Hffht Bvhrt

    Hffht Bvhrt

    Acum lună

    What happened to rwady the fuck up here we go

  99. Lhambda Lhant

    Lhambda Lhant

    Acum lună

    Ngl the into music S L A P S 👏👏👏

  100. breezelow unknown

    breezelow unknown

    Acum lună

    Warning! DON'T WEAR A MASK! Use this info if anyone tries to make you wear a mask/muzzle. It reduces oxygen intake AND exposes your mouth to a germ breeding spot AND will NOT stop virus exposure.